Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please Pray!

Yesterday, Trey was admitted again into the hospital.

His O2 had to be increased, and even after 5 hrs. of continuous breathing treatments, he continued to wheeze.

His chest x-ray was clear for pneumonia, and they performed a test for flu and it came back negative also. They do not know if the flu test could be a false negative reading though.

His temperature was elevated & he was retracting while breathing. After an extended time in the ER, he was moved up to the floor.

Please pray for Trey to recover quickly and for the doctors to find the source of the problem. We are heading into a hard season, please pray for extra protection for Trey during the coming months!



The Royalty Family said...

We are still praying everyday for Trey and for all of you- for strength and protection from sickness.

mrsrubly said...

o dear trey. i haven't commented in a while but still continue to watch for updated! poor thing. prayer are you with baby. i hope the breathing gets better and answers to come!!!

Charlotte Ann said...

We will surely be praying for Trey and the family. I pray that He gets out of this soon... I pray protection over Him that He may build up a stronger Immune System and with the weather we have coming I pray that He stays well.
Keep us posted.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am still praying daily for Trey and each of you. Thank you for the up-date. I will especially pray during this difficult flu season.

Love and prayers,
Mrs. Lynn Russell

American History said...

Your prayer touched us.
We are praying for Trey.
We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief.
God bless you.