Sunday, September 27, 2009


Trey has improved greatly the fever is down and his wheezing is much better. The doctor said if he has a good night he may let him come home tomorrow. Thank you again for your prayers and concern during this stay.



mrsrubly said...

i am so happy to hear that everything is better for mr trey! bless his heart!!!

Jo-Ann said...

Oh, it is so wonderful to see him smiling and playing with his hands. May he stay healthy and grow and develop in the days ahead. God bless you.

The Royalty Family said...

How precious to see him smile! Micah and Matthew want to watch another "Trey movie" (in their words). We are glad for the progress and are still praying.
The Royalty Family

Sharon said...

He's looking so great! :) Glad he's doing some better.

Rush Family said...

Trey - you are such a cutie. Love your smile!