Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hospital Stay #4 Day #10 - POSSIBLE SURGERY TOMORROW

Trey has come down on his oxygen some and they feel he is stable enough for surgery. If they have an opening tomorrow they are going to try to get him in, if not they will do it Monday. They took another x ray today and found a partial collapse in his upper right lung. They are not overly concerned unless he begins to get worse. They will re-evaluate in the morning to make sure he is still stable enough for surgery. We can't give the time of the surgery because they don't known yet, but it is approx. a 3 to 4 hour surgery and you can bet mom will be very nervous so keep her in your prayers. Our biggest concern with the surgery now is how he will react to the anesthesia and how his lungs will rebound after he comes off the ventilator. We will update after the surgery. Thank you for your prayers!!


Jo-Ann said...

Dear God -- Be with this family this night and may they feel your strong and loving arms around them as they wait for tomorrow and possible surgery for their little guy. Protect Trey and give the doctors wisdom and skill as they treat him and possibly operate on his tiny body tomorrow. Be with his Momma as she waits -- may she lean on you and be calm during this time. We thank you for what you are going to do in Trey's life -- you knew before he was born what was ahead and you know all about tomorrow and we are trusting Trey to your care.

Lady M said...

Praying in WI.