Wednesday, June 24, 2009

post surgery update

Trey is improving greatly with his oxygen requirement. However last night he had a few spells where he stopped breathing for up to three minutes. They had to get emergency personnel from the critical care unit to get him to start breathing again. They are not sure why this happened but we haven't given him any morphine since and it hasn't happened again. The only problem with that is that he only has Tylenol for the pain so he's pretty uncomfortable. They are slowly starting to feed him again. He is up to 10 ml of pedialyte every three hours. If he continues to tolerate his feeds well they will slowly increase back to 60ml and then back to breast milk.


Heather said...

Oh my, I will be praying for sweet Trey to get better and fast so he can get back home with the family where he belongs!
Hugs and prayers,
Heather~On the Homefront

Lady M said...

Continuing to pray in WI!

Lady M

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for you, Baby Trey. You are getting so big. Hope you will be able to go home soon.

Blessings from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you and especially Trey. Anxious to hear today. Sending BIG hugs and kisses from all of our family.

Mrs. Russell

TheMama said...

We are all praying for Trey over here in Florida. He is getting so big. Are prayers are with you.

God bless!