Monday, June 29, 2009

Update from HOME

Follow up message
Trey is home and doing well! They discharged him on Saturday. He goes for
his 4 month checkup on Thursday (he missed it being in the hospital) we will
get an accurate weight on him then and let you know. He has also started
smiling!!! This is a blessing because iy is a small sign of some positive
development. Please keep his development in your prayers. Thanks again.


Beautiful Chaos said...

:) Praise God for smiles :)
Glad your home and recovering well Trey! We're still prayin!!!!
Love, All those Lassiters (& then some)

Anonymous said...

So glad Trey is home. Can't wait to hear his weight. Much love and prayers to all of you.

Mrs. Lynn Russell

TheMama said...

I am so happy to hear Trey is at home! We will continue to pray for him over here. I love those toothless baby smiles. :o)

God bless.

- Josie

Brooke said...

Hooray for smiles! We're still praying...

The Coyles