Thursday, April 2, 2009

Go Broncos!


Anonymous said...

James, you are too funny with this Broncos stuff. You must be their greatest fan. Love the pictures. I am sooooo excited how well Trey is doing. He looks great!! We are all still praying.

Love and Prayers,

Mrs. Lynn Russell XXOO

PS The picture of the family and the youngest daughter leaning onto Naomi reminds me of how Naomi did this to Laurie. She was so shy.

Juliet said...

When Trey is bigger, I will truly explain to him about the Chicago Bears!!!! And please don't say,"WHO?"

Anonymous said...

The Lord is good! SO glad to see and hear that Trey is steadily improving. :) Yeah!

Your Cousin,

Anonymous said...

We have not heard since Thursday and I am getting anxious. Pls. update us. Praying for you-all.

Mrs. Russell