Monday, April 20, 2009

a small delay

Trey has decided to stay a little while longer. He was retracting a lot and his sats were dropping through the night, so the doctor thought it best to keep him until Thursday or Friday. His blood count was low as well so they may have to give him a blood transfusion too, if they do then he will have to stay two more days after the transfusion.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy.. Im sad you dont get to come home tomorrow!!! But God knows best, so we will keep waiting and praying! I love you!!

Aunt Angie! ♥

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

I know that this hurt your heart. With both my preemie babies, we were set to room in the next day and the night before they decided that they needed another week! With JD, we also had to get another blood transfusion. Will be praying for patience!

He WILL be coming home soon!

Anonymous said...

A little set-back is okay. It will be worth it when you do get home. Much love and prayers.
Mrs. Russell XXXOOO

Jo-Ann said...

Two steps forward, one step back -- seems to be normal for these preemies -- praying this will be the last step backward!! God's ways are not always our ways! Isaiah 55:8

Rose said...

God knows best. If little Trey isn't quite ready to come home yet then Our Father will step right on in there..

Still Praying for you little Sweetie
Love Rose X