Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maybe Monday?

They gave Trey another blood transfusion yesterday. They are hoping if all goes well to be able to send him home Monday. His weight is now 4lbs. 10 and a half oz.


AthenaBee said...

WONDERFUL!!! He has gotten so big!

BIG prayers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy at his growth. Boy! will we ever have stories to tell him someday, huh?
Love & Prayers,
Mrs. Lynn Russell XXXOOO

mrsrubly said...

MONDAY here we come~hip hip horray! grow trey grow~

conniealdridge said...

I glad all is going well still even though the delay God knows all and is taking care of it so trey can come home heathly...God timing is always right! Glad to hear all is good with stephanie...congrats!! God is in Control! Just got to keep that faith & believe! Still praying...
Thank You Lord!

-Connie Aldridge-