Friday, May 29, 2009

Hospital Stay #3 Day #7 Going Home!

A few updates
  • Trey is going home today
  • Surgery is postponed for at least a month (they want Trey to get bigger & stronger)
  • Trey is over 8 lbs!!!
Prayer Requests
  • For Trey to stay OUT of the hospital until surgery time
  • No more pneumonia
  • For Trey to either NOT have to have the surgery AT ALL or to only need the Nissen Surgery (click link for more info) and not the G-tube placement.
  • For Trey's continual growth & development
  • James, Naomi, & the girls


GodisSoGood said...

Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase. Job 8:7
That verse has been sooooo true in his life..... God is always good and He's always in control soooo trey's gonna doooo awesome!

Emily said...

We're saying prayers for your sweet baby. I've been reading your blog for quite some time. My 3yr old was a former 25wkr who has a g-tube and nissen along with other issues. I didn't know that there were any surgeons who would do a nissen fundoplication without a g-tube since there's no way to relieve the pressure that can build up in the stomach and the nissen can be ripped open as a result. Good luck to you guys! It's a tough decision.

Mandy said...

My baby was a potential Nissen and gtube surgery but we ended up not needing it. He got sick at 7 wks and had lots of aspiration pneumonia.
I was under the impression that all Nissen surgery had to also get a gtube/button type placement so as to relieve the pressure as needed. Although, that doesn't mean the baby has to be tube fed.

christie said...

We are praying for little Trey and that he would stay out of the hospital. Its good that hes been at home some and is a big 8 lbs. Hes growing so well.

Continually in prayer,
Julian and Christie Buttrick