Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Trey is still at home and doing okay. We have a visit with the pulmonary
specialist at Vanderbilt on Friday. Our prayer is that they will allow him
to start eating more than one ounce at each feeding so he won't be hungry
all the time. His last weight taken was Saturday so hopefully our next
update we'll have news of a big jump in his weight! Our biggest prayer
requests right now are that he doesn't catch any sickness (any sickness puts
him in the hospital and is hard for him to fight off) and for his
development. There is an elevated risk of Cerebral Palsy because of the
steroid he got at such a young age. (2 weeks) There is also elevated risk of
neurological problem because of the time of restricted oxygen flow to the
brain at his birth.(20 min.) There are many more possible side effects with
a preemie, but these are our biggest concerns at this time. There is no way
of telling if he has these side effects or how severe, until it comes time
for certain "landmarks" for him to reach. (rolling over, sitting up,
crawling, walking, speech, ect.) We have seen the miracles God has done in
Treys life already (thanks in large part to your prayers) and we know he can
work another miracle in Treys development too. However if it is God's Will
for Trey to have a disability then we will accept His perfect will, and be
thankful for the life God has chosen to spare in our little boy. Thanks
again so much for your prayers!


mrsrubly said...

dear sweet jesus. i come to lift up trey's family right now lord. there is some unknowns they are facing with this handsome little boy. father, please allow his appt to go smooth and that he can take more than an ounce per feeding. father just heal him and allow there to be no discreptancies regarding his development due to the complications at birth and the medicine he received @ 2 weeks old. lord be with his mom and dad through these trialing times. please just be near for you know that needs of treys sweet family. i love you jesus AMEN! i hope all is well. still praying for you little dude. god bless you.

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

Glad he's home and doing better! I hope the Drs will increase his feedings- I know that Mommy and daddy are tired! My sis and her baby boy have an appt with the Pulmo at Vandy in the am- you might see her! Hope the appt is a good one!

dana said...

I am so glad that Trey is home and doing better. I know how it is to be worried about everything little thing out there that could not make a normal person sick but could be fatal to our children. What time is your apt at Vandy Fri....We will be there at 9:30 to see Pulmo. Landon and I would love to meet the little guy we prayed so hard for!

lindsayomorrow said...

I have a little boy that was born at 28 weeks. He too was on O2 and a vent for a long time. He is now 7 months old and is doing great. He can roll over and smile and laugh. He has a little work to do with his development being delayed, but he is doing well. I pray for little Trey daily. I know as a mom with a preemie how much of a challenge it is every day. May God give you grace everyday to get through:)

Lindsay O'Morrow-friends of Joey and Carissa McNatt.

dana said...

Hey, I hope your Pulmo apt went well. I am pretty sure I saw you guys leaving today but Landon was having a meltdown or otherwise I would have came up to speak. Can't wait to hear how much he gained. Who did you see. We see Dr. Austin. He is great.