Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hospital Visit #3 Day #1

Trey came home Thursday, but he has been admitted at Vanderbilt again. The doctors found another spot on his lungs and think it is another small pneumonia. He has a head cold as well, pray his stay will be a short one.


Anonymous said...

Poor thing, I am praying for you daily Trey. I will pray that you will not be in the hospital long and get to go back home. Also that you will stay strong and not get any more illnesses. I will also pray for your mom, dad and sisters.

Blessings from Texas!

Alyson said...

I am constantly praying for little Trey!!!! I really hope this stay is short.....and that he gets to go home and be with his family again soon!!!



GodisSoGood said...

God has such a big plan for trey! I will continue praying for him!

Deb said...

We are laboring in prayer for Trey and all of you. I can imagine how weary you all must be, but His grace is all sufficient for you.

Love your cousin,