Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 lbs 2 oz

2:45 pm - email via James' sister - 
James said Trey's carbon dioxide level is up just a tad (54) -yesterday it was down to 40. His oxygen level had gone down, but that is back up within normal range for him.  They are going to put in a PICC line today I believe.  His WBC dropped just a bit to 4700, but that is too be expected with a preemie.  His platelets did drop more because of the meds that were given to him for his heart.  I don't think they are too worried about that, just watching it.  They did the ultrasound yesterday and the doctors feel like the murmur (heart) is barely open!  They have given him a couple doses of meds for this, and it seems to be working!!!  They weighed him today and he weighed in at a hefty 2 lbs. 2 oz!!!  That is awesome!  He is still in Critical Watch, so don't stop praying!  Praise the Lord for some good news!

continue in prayer for:
  • Trey's carbon dioxide levels to stay down
  • Trey's oxygen level to stay within normal limits
  • The PICC line placement to go smoothly & without complication
  • Trey's heart murmur to respond to the medicine
  • Trey's weight to continue to increase, & for his development
  • the family
Thank you for all your prayers & encouraging comments.  The Lord truly worked a miracle in Trey's life yesterday!


The Laughman's said...

You are such a blessing Trey!! We are so excited for the good news that we have heard! You keep it up! We love you very much!!!

Uncle Jody, Aunt Stephanie & boys!

Anonymous said...

over 2 lbs! good job Trey! We will continue to pray that the Lord will allow you to grow & get stronger!

GodisSoGood said...

God definitely has His hand over this little miracle! I'll keep praying!