Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everybody please PRAY! URGENT!

10:00 am - email via James' sister - 
"Just got off the phone with James and I have a VERY URGENT update/prayer request.  Trey's lungs are not responding to the new vent.  He is not putting off the carbon dioxide and his lungs are not working right.  The doctors feel that the open valve in his heart is contributing to this situation with his lungs.  He is going to have an ultrasound of his heart today (Tuesday) at noon.  He is in a lot of stress.  His BP is low, as is his heartrate.  He has been placed back under Critical Watch.  He will also be getting a blood transfusion today.   The next 24 hours are critical to Trey's survival - it is a minute by minute watch for him.

Everyone please stop & pray for Trey & for James, Naomi & family.  Trey needs us to lift him up to the One who can perform miracles and heal him.  Pray that James & Naomi will continue to find rest & strength in the Lord.  

I will try to update immediately as I receive word.


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still praying!

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Dear Lord, Please put an extra watch care of protection over Trey today. Help his heart and vitals. Give Doctors wisdom. Thank you dear Jesus. Amen

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