Monday, February 9, 2009


Trey did not have as good a day as before.  His carbon dioxide level has risen to 72.  The doctors are concerned with his lung development.  He is not tolerating being weaned from the vent - when they turn him down a little, his numbers go up.  They feel that the excess fluid in him is contributing to this, so they are going to give him an antibiotic to get rid of all the excess fluid.  Once that is done, the doctors believe that his numbers will be better.  They have also found two forms of bacteria in the vent tubing.  One is being treated with an antibiotic already (from the pneumonia), but the other one is not covered under that same antibiotic.  So they are going to start another antibiotic to cover that one. 

continue in prayer for:
  • Trey's pneumonia to dissolve quickly
  • Trey's levels to return to normal
  • the meds to help with excess fluid
  • Trey's development & growth
  • Naomi's healing from the c-section
  • family


GodisSoGood said...

I will keep praying!

Not I But Christ said...

continuing to pray!
Rachael Campbell

Carrie said...

He is definitely in our thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

praying for you!

The Leighton Family! said...

I will be praying for you guys! This is a long and uphill road that my husband and I know all to well. Our youngest son Brody was born 12 weeks early. It is very hard but with God's help you will prevail. May God continue to bless your family.
Alisha (Bedwell) leighton

Brooke said...

We are praying for Trey every day. Our little Adam had a similar situation with his lungs, and slowly but surely, they began to heal. Now, about 4 weeks later, he is breathing entirely on his own! May the True Healer hold Trey in His hands! Hang in there....

Brooke & Chris
(your NICU neighbors)

Homemakers Cottage said...

Oh, the pictures of Trey with the tubes and bandages brings back some tough memories of when our baby girl was in an incubator for just 5 days... I understand in a very minute sense what you're going though... please know that we are praying for you and for this precious little guy.

Love, Jeremy & Kristy Howard