Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Vent is OUT!

The tube in his mouth is a feeding tube, and the tube in his nose is a vapotherm.

2:52 pm - text from James - The ventilator is out and still only requiring 30% oxygen!  Doing great!  Thank you so much for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Trey! We were praying all morning that you would do well with the vent coming off! We got to see your tiny footprints that Maddie had. Unbelievable!!! Praising the Lord for His goodness!

The Rush Family

dana said...

Yay! Go Trey! Such a big step for you. We will continue to pray for you to continue down this positive road.
Dana and Landon Huls

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! All of you have been in my prayers since the day I read about Trey on Facebook. Our church has been praying as well. God is good and is still in the miracle-working business. God must have big plans for Trey:)

-Carrie Grubbs Wigton

The Leighton Family! said...

Way to go big man! I am so happy for you and continuing to pray!

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

What a big step! Way to go!!!! I pray you continue doing so well!

Laura Kelly

Homemakers Cottage said...

Praise the Lord! Little Trey was on my mind and in my prayers all day yesterday... so happy to hear this good report!

Praying, praying, praying.

Jeremy & Kristy Howard

Anonymous said...

YEAH!! What a big step you have just accomplished! My children and I are praying for ya!
Jen Reents and family

Brooke said...

YAY Trey! Keep on fighting, little man! God has big plans for you!

Brooke & Chris Coyle

Anonymous said...

We have all been rooting for Trey and so glad to see he is doing better!


GAVIN REED said...

hey james and naomi,
i heard about your little boy and have been praying for him. just saw the blog and its good to see that he is improving. my family and i will keep on praying.

"I am the Lord that healeth thee." exo. 15:26 he's our jehovah-rophi

gavin reed