Friday, February 20, 2009

A new day...

Trey is doing a lot better.  The biggest news is that he may come off the vent Sunday or Monday!  The vent settings are down to 20!!!  He only requires 25% oxygen now.  Pneumonia is gone!  Lungs are clear!  He is now a big 2 pounder.  He is having "good" diapers & is now getting 4 oz of breast milk a day.  He is still considered to be "critical care".  

Luke 1:47 - "And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior."

To God be the Glory - Great things He hath done!


Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

Way to go Trey! I'm glad that prayers are being answered and he is turning the corner. We are still praying for your precious, tiny miracle.

Laura Kelly

Not I But Christ said...

Praise the Lord! Keep it up little guy!

JenniferNe said...

I am praying for Trey and your familly. My daughter too was born early. She was at 30 weeks but she weighed 1lb 14oz too. Just to let you know she is now a very happy, smart almost 5 year old with only one lasting problem from being born too soon. She has asthma, however it is very mild. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless!

Beautiful Chaos said...

Praise the Lord for a good day!! We'll be praying that all goes well coming off the vent and that you have many more good days to come!
Still praying:)
All Those Lassiters
(& then some)

dana said...

Praying that Trey will continue to get stronger and stronger! We will be continue to pray for Trey and your family.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till we get a picture of you minus the vent! I can only imagine how cute you are without it! Praise the Lord for His goodness!
The Rush Family

Jocelyn said...

Not sure how I came across your blog...but it caught my eye because I have a 4 year-old Trey.

He is named after his Daddy and is the 3rd, which is why we call him Trey.

Trey was very interested in your blog as we are expecting a baby in August.

We will definitely keep your family in our prayers...our God can do great things.

michelle77 said...

So very glad to hear Trey is doing better. I have been following your blog for awhile now and think and pray for your family often. May god continue to do his work on little Trey and watch over him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. God is amazing. I pray all goes well coming off the vent. Praise the Lord for his goodness.
Love in Christ,
The Wright family

Blessed by Grace said...

What a Mighty God we Serve!!!! This is great news. We pray for Trey daily. It is so good for Brielle to see God answer her prayers. It is growing her faith. We love ya'll.

Trusting with you,
Becca and Brielle