Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Trey's Episode

I am sorry on the delay of this post.  I received news that Trey was having difficulty once I was at church and had no way of updating the blog, & I wanted to wait to receive an update before posting.

James said that Trey is stabilized.  earlier tonight his heart rate & O2 sat dropped significantly.  He had a build up of secretions in his lungs, and that is what caused the heart rate and oxygen to drop.  They have propped him up and are keeping very close eye on him in regards to this.

Prayer Requests:
  • That Trey will NOT have this kind of episode again, & that the secretions will not build back up.
  • That no infection will be caused by any of this.
  • That Trey will continue to go forward on the steroids, so he can come off the vent!
  • For James & Naomi - for God's grace & strength.  
Praise God that Trey is stable again!  God is so very good!


Anonymous said...

James & Naomi-

Praying you have a restful night. I know how thankful you are that the Lord yet again performed such a miracle in Trey's life! God is good!

MissJeovette said...

Praying for Trey. The Lord is good. Keep positive faith in God like you have been doing and may he grant Trey strength he needs to come home.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to hear this news. I hope he has a good night. I will pray for Trey and his family.

Heather said...

Sad to hear the little guy is having another setback :( I will continue to pray for him and for mommy and daddy!
Hugs and prayers,
Heather~ On the Homefront

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

We are praying for Trey. I am a mommy to 2 preemies- both tiny 1 pounders. I know that this is such a challenging and difficult road- physically and emotionally. Your family is in our thoughts. I know that at times, especially like last night when Trey was having his episodes, it is easy to lose our sight and question things. Believe in God's miracles- you seem so strong spiritually by your blogs- continue to draw your srength from that.

mrsrubly said...

praying that secretions will go away~and the heart rate and O2 stats come up~til next upate little man, take care sweety.