Monday, March 9, 2009

2 lbs. & 10 oz.

Trey is up to two lbs ten ounces today. He is still at about 49% oxygen on 5 liters. He had a couple of episodes with his heart rate dropping yesterday please pray that this doesn't become regular for him. Thanks again so much for your prayers!


mrsrubly said...

o what such a big boy! great job on your 02 intake their buddy! i have been praying for you every night by the window in my son's room~with the airplanes goin by~every single night buddy. i hope you have a very good day!

The Leighton Family! said...

Big Boy!

The Van Der Hengsts said...

Checking out Trey's blog just brightens my day. We're so happy for the positive news lately. We pray for him every night before bed.

Alex, Rebekah, Mary Kate, Will & Sophie