Tuesday, March 10, 2009


email from James' sister - James just sent me a text and said that Trey's o2 is up to 77%. They are giving him a blood transfusion right now. The doctors are holding off on putting him back on the vent, hoping that the transfusion will help bring that down.

PLEASE PRAY that Trey will not have to go back on the vent. Pray that his O2 levels & Vapotherm are able to be lowered.


The Leighton Family! said...

Praying that the transfusion does the trick. It usally is the problem at this point. Thank God for people who donate. Sending lots of love!

Heather said...

Praying that he won't have to go back on the vent and that the Lord will have His healing hands on Trey and that Trey will move forward NOT backward!
Hugs and prayers,
Heather~ On the Homefront

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

We are praying for Trey. I pray that this transfusion will help his oxygen and he will be able to stay off of the vent.

Brooke said...

we are praying, and praying, and praying....for Trey, for you (James & Naomi), for Paige and all the other amazing NICU nurses & doctors.... hang in there.... God has it under control.

Brooke & Chris (& all the boys)