Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Growing like a weed! 3 lbs & 2 1/2 oz!

Trey is growing like a weed! He is up to three pounds two and a half ounces! He is still on four liters on the vapotherm. The doctor said he could be for up to three weeks because he is retracting a lot when he breaths. I'm sure you are wondering when he will get to come home. The doctor said if all goes well, the middle of May.


Sharon said...

That's great news! PTL!

Tawnya said...

PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! Our prayers are being answered! So glad to see he is getting bigger and healthier everyday!

Anonymous said...

So proud of Trey and especially the weight gain. Hugs from all the Russells in M'Boro.

Mrs. Russell

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! God is great!!
mike and Laura