Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Night!

Trey had a great night last night. His oxygen is down to 37. And the doctors said if he keeps doing this good they will try to put him back on the vapotherm Monday! Pray he will gain weight now, as he has lost some weight because they have been trying to dry him out the last four days.


Mrs. Russell said...

I thank the Lord that Trey had a great night and his oxygen level requirements are down so much. I pray each day and night for him, Noami, James and the girls. The Gaglianos too. We love all of you!!

Mrs. Russell

Rose said...

I'm so glad that his oxygen levels are coming down.
Lord watch over this precious child of yours for he is so dear to all who know him.

Much Love and Prayers to you all

Rose X

wifeandmama said...

Thank God that his oxygen levels are looking good.

I just found your blog right now. My family and I will be praying everyday for your little baby Trey. May God bless him, and your whole family.

You are in my prayers!!