Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hanging tough at 2 lbs & 11 oz!

Every thing is pretty much the same with his oxygen today so they went ahead and let Naomi hold him again for about twenty minutes! Its been fourteen days since she held him so she was real excited! He is 2lbs 11 oz. And 14.75 in. Long.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that he has gained some weight and has grown a little. Sound like things are on the upside. I am still praying for him everyday. Stay strong Trey!

Anonymous said...

He is so beautiful! He has really changed since we last saw him. Thanks so much for sharing his progress with all of us. He has lots of people praying for him. Congrats!

Jackson's Family

Rachel said...

Praise the Lord. Hang in there, Momma! God is faithful and will complete the good work He has started in all of you!

Much love and many prayers from a friend from afar that you've never met.


Juliet said...

It was so wonderful to see Naomi holding her son, Trey. What a blessing.

I just got done reading Tammy's Blog about Megan turning 13. She will be 13 on March 22. Thirteen years ago she was born: 2 1/4 pounds and 13" long. Now she is a healthy teenager.

Looking forward to seeing Trey go home and also grow up to be a healthy teenager. Our prayers are with all of you. Love, Aunt Juliet

Willand Family said...

We are praying fro trey Out here in Seattle. Hang in there buddy.

Amy Tucker Willand
Seattle Wa (Rockford Il)

josiethemama said...

We are praying for Trey over here in Homestead, FL. I will be taking his information to my church tomorrow on Sunday. We will ALL pray for him. God bless.