Monday, March 23, 2009

No News is good news!

No news is good news! Trey is about the same which is very good news. They have quit giving him lasix because he doesn't seem to need them any more. He's two pounds fifteen and three quarter ounces. We're hoping he goes over the three pound mark tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Trey, I am soooo proud of you!! Wow! almost 3 pounds! We teased about the stubborness, but hey you are tough, a fighter and have spunk too. I am still praying each morning and night. Much love to you and your precious family. I thank the Lord you are doing better. Love, Mrs. Lynn Russell

Anonymous said...

Great! Our prayers remain with your Family! (Hope we hit 3 lbs today)

Jackson's Family

Heather said...

Way to go Trey! Almost 3lbs!! Still praying for you sweet little boy! Keep fighting!
Hugs and prayers,
Heather~ On the Homefront

MissJeovette said...

yay trey!!! 3lbs for some reason is the highlight of every preemie mom. We'll be praying for you little man!!!!!

Rose said...

Oh how wonderful. What a sweetie you are Trey.
In my Thoughts and Prayers as always

Rose x