Saturday, March 28, 2009

Improving little by little!

Trey is now three pounds three and a half ounces, and they have dropped him down to three liters on his vapotherm. This is amazing because they expected him to be on 4 for three weeks and he was only on it for ten days! He has also clearly expressed his favorite football team and this is very encouraging to his father! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy-

This video just made my day! Make them dip your paci in the sugar water! :)

Homemakers Cottage said...

Praise the Lord, it's wonderful to hear the good report! I check in on Trey every day- or at least several times a week. This little guy has stolen my heart!!


Kristy Howard

Anonymous said...

Way to go Trey!! You are growing faster it seems. Tell Grandma Gagliano that when you come home from the hospital in May, I will be on her doorstep to see you. I want to meet this little guy who has us all praying soooo deligently. :) XXXOOO

Mrs. Lynn Russell

Jo-Ann said...

Yeah!! So glad to hear the news -- keep it up Trey!

Michelle said...

Too stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Way to go Trey!

Jackson's Family

kellers said...

Just wanted to say we are keeping you and Trey in our prayers. Please visit My 26 weeker who is now doing well. God has a great plan for Trey. God Bless you!! Keep it up Trey!!